How are these resources led?

What works best is having an internal sponsor, who is a Full-Time Employee of the company. Then we take one of our leaders, work works with your internal sponsor to ensure expectations are set, accomplishments are achieved, and your satisfaction is the top priority. We can share our model with you. It is unique.

How are you any different from other companies offering this service?

The quality of our resources, a proactive approach with great leadership that matches teams/individuals with companies in a great way. Our values as a company are mutual respect, honesty, and integrity. Many companies have great values. We truly live them, and they flow through to how we treat each other and our clients.

What areas do your resources cover?

At a high-level, here are the areas where our on-demand resources can help: Leadership – C-Level, General Managers, VPs, and Directors Product teams – digital product management, project/program management, software engineering/development, tech writing/copywriting/content, QA, UX/UI design Compliance analysts Finance – Financial analysts, controllers, etc.. And others – ask us.

How do you staff and retain people to fill roles?

Continuous recruiting: We are always in recruiting mode. Effective onboarding: We align, on-board, and orient every team member with the client culture, values, approach. Proactive retention: We provide ahead of the curve retention – Fideseo has a great value proposition for its on-demand resources. Active performance management: We continuously evaluate our resource pool, coverage, speed, and quality. […]

What’s the rationale for using on-demand resources?

Scalability: Allows you to scale quickly and fill gaps as needed. Specialized skills: Provides access to skills to match the needs and tasks. Flexibility: Establishes a pool of resources to flex up or down as required. Innovation: New projects/initiatives are great candidates for fractional resources. Accountability: An internal leader is always accountable as a “sponsor” for a […]

What are on-demand resources?

These are part-time, sometimes also called fractional, contract staff that can augment your various functions in your company. They can be used to bridge a gap, start new initiatives that get handed off to employees, or serve as interim leaders for new or existing functions.